Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 3 Thoughts

I was on my way back from New Jersey Sunday, so I didn't see the Bills amazing comeback win that everyone loves reminding me about. I knew that it would be a close game, but I thought we'd pull through. Hopefully our secondary can step up and get healthy again. I'm not too worried though, you can't overreact to a loss within the division. It means a lot standings-wise, but these are the teams that know each other best. We'll be back strong next week.

  • If you haven't read the story about Ryan Fitzpatrick proposing to his wife, go read it. It's hilarious. 
  • Cam Newton beat Blaine Gabbert. Woo irrelevant teams. 
  • I don't know whether Frank Gore's hurt or he's just lost favor with the coaching staff, but I definitely put in waiver claims on Kendall Hunter in a few fantasy leagues. 
  • It's looking more and more like the Phins week 1 was a fluke. If you can't beat the Browns, you're not doing anything this season. 
  • I do like the Browns, but Colt McCoy's gotta step it up. I know you have no receivers, but good QB's can make them. These under 50% passing days aren't gonna cut it. 
  • Detroit is the single-game version of the Chargers. They start horrendous but finish amazing. Life as a Lions fan must be hectic. 
  • Houston is legit. Years before, they'd have a big road game and flop miserably. They stepped up to the Saints, and even though they didn't win, they proved they can hang with the contenders. 
  • I don't know what happened with the Giants, but congrats to them. 
  • No offensive linemen, no linebackers. I said at the start of the season that would be the downfall of the Eagles, and it's looking like I was right. 
  • Losing Kenny Britt knocks the Titans out of sneaky playoff contender status. He was their 2nd best player, and while Hasselbeck can succeed with average receivers, I'm not sure if it's enough. 
  • Anyone else feel like the Jets have lost their identity? They used to be a ground and pound, screw everyone else's team philosophy, beat 'em up team. Now they're this air it out, screen-throwing, losing to the Raiders team. Maybe they wanted to prove that Sanchez is a real QB, but I don't think they'll win if they get away from the identity that they succeeded with. 
  • No idea how the Chiefs got back into that game, but that last pick might have used up the last bit of morale the team had. Suck for Luck!
  • Welcome to the NFL Torrey Smith, Maryland product. 
  • I feel bad for the Rams. They were primed to succeed coming into the season, but injuries and a brutal schedule will keep them down again. 
  • The Bears once again played up to the Packers, but just weren't good enough. They need to figure out what's wrong with the running game. 
  • I'm not sure how Seattle won either, but again, woo irrelevant teams. This time though, one will make the playoffs. 
  • Good win for Tampa Bay. I still feel like the Falcons have more talent, but if they can't put it together it'll be the Bucs in the playoffs instead. 
  • What happened to the Falcons' offensive line? All of a sudden Matt Ryan isn't getting nearly as much protection. 
  • Where exactly did the Colts defense come from? They were crushing the Steelers' run game at the line of scrimmage. 
  • Pat Angerer - one of the best names in the NFL. Great play from him Sunday night. 
  • I'm not sure who the Steelers will be calling to play on their line, but all I can do is laugh. 
  • The Skins defense showed up. They didn't let the Cowboys score a TD, which is a solid accomplishment. Unfortunately, they had a few lapses that kept them from winning. 
  • If the offense showed up to the level the defense did, the Skins would have won. Gotta be more careful with the ball Rex. 
  • Much respect to Tony Romo, playing with hurt ribs and a set of backup WR's. They eek'd it out, but I wouldn't expect to see that happen when they make their way to DC.

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