Friday, September 2, 2011

NFL Superlatives

Hooray! The crossword gave me an idea for a blog post! Here we have this season's NFL superlatives, a lot of most likely things. This'll be my award picks and a few other fun ones with a full playoff prediction post coming later.

Most likely (to)...

  • Drop out of the playoffs: Chicago Bears. I don't trust Cutler or Martz, and if it wasn't for a great schedule Lovie Smith might have been on ESPN this year. 
  • Win MVP: Drew Brees, NO. I feel like the Saints are going to have an amazing year, and he's their QB. No one else really wins MVP. 
  • Team to all of a sudden get old: Indianapolis Colts. Everything goes through the QB and Peyton's old. Their fast offense could all of a sudden slow down.
  • Win Offensive Player of the Year: Philip Rivers, SD. Stats on stats on stats.
  • Make the record books, leading to alcoholism: Alex Smith, SF. No one's been given more chances to lead a team and failed every time. 
  • Win Offensive Rookie of the Year: Mark Ingram, NO. I don't think any rookie QB's in a position to really impress. I love Julio Jones, but rookie WR's don't succeed often. 
  • Team to disappoint: Philadelphia Eagles. Does anyone have them not winning the NFC East? There's too much hype.
  • Win Defensive Player of the Year: Ndamukong Suh, DET. No explanation necessary, this man is a monster. 
  • Get suspended: James Harrison, PIT. Uh... this
  • Win Defensive Rookie of the Year: Patrick Peterson, ARI. A couple return TD's, a handful of picks, and unlimited swag. 
  • Player to surprise: Colt McCoy, CLE. I think he's looked great; I think he wants to prove to teams he was worth a lot more than a 3rd rounder. 
  • Fire their coach mid-season: New York Giants. They've disappointed the past couple years, and I don't think they improve. Coughlin hasn't been "safe" for a while now.
  • Make the record books and be happy about it: Indianapolis Colts. Making the playoffs for ten straight years is amazing. 
  • Win Coach of the Year: Steve Spagnuolo, STL. Generally, feel good stories win over perennial stars, and I don't see many people hating the Rams. 
  • Team to surprise: Washington Redskins. The drama's gone and it actually seems like Snyder's hands-off. I think they have an identity, and that's a huge positive. 
  • Win Comeback Player of the Year: Plaxico Burress, NYJ. He's the biggest face associated with a comeback, so he only has to have a decent to good season to win it.
  • Player to disappoint: Arian Foster, HOU. His hamstring's already injured, Ben Tate's looked great (rhymes yo) and there's no more Vonta Leach blocking for him. 
  • Team to be overused in Madden: Atlanta Falcons. Roddy White, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez, and Mike Turner give them a ton of weapons. 
  • Be a waiver-wire fantasy star: whichever RB the Cardinals sign after cuts. Beanie Wells, meet Beanie Sigel. This is what happens to people named Beanie.
  • Win the Super Bowl: Green Bay Packers. They got better after winning last year, that's scary. 

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