Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week 4: The Sheila Broflovski Week

For those of you that don't watch South Park, Sheila, Kyle's mom, screams "what what whaaaat!?!?!" whenever something shocking happens. That was this entire weekend.

  • The Texans proved they're a legitimate contender. You can't be the best without beating the best, and even though the Steelers aren't near what they were, it's a symbolic victory. 
  • The Steelers need to figure out what's wrong with their defense. The offense's problems are clear, but I'm not sure why the run defense is awful. 
  • Detroit continues to give their fans heart attacks. I'm sure they're having fun though, there isn't much more fun than a comeback. 
  • I almost feel bad for Tony Romo. Almost. I'm still getting my fantasy numbers and they keep losing though, so I really don't care. 
  • Not sure why the Saints game was as close as it was. 
  • The Skins game shouldn't have been that close either. The defense looked stellar though, and Ryan Kerrigan looks beastly.
  • I do feel bad for Sam Bradford. Can that man get some line help? 
  • Remember when I said Tennessee was going to make the playoffs? It's looking like my blind dart throw hit a bullseye. 
  • If I was a Niners fan, I wouldn't be too disappointed about the season. Forcing Vick into that press conference is victory enough. 
  • Dream Team!
  • The Chiefs finally won! Unfortunately they're behind in sucking for Luck. 
  • Vikings fans, welcome to the '10 Skins season minus the decent defense. 
  • Cam Newton will be a top 10 quarterback. He's got the will to win and has all the physical tools a QB could need. I was wrong about him, and I'm already ready to say that. 
  • I respect the hell out of Matt Forte. He wants a new contract, but is proving he needs one by playing his ass off instead of holding out. 
  • Trap game for Buffalo. Coming off a great win like they had the week before, fans should've expected some let down. 
  • I still have trouble believing in the Bengals. They just don't pass the eye-test for me. 
  • The whole NFC South's somewhat of a let down. Atlanta especially though, I thought they were a top five team, but it looks like they might be bottom half. 
  • No idea how Seattle came back. I thought they were awful, but it looks like the 12th man is a force. 
  • I guess the Giants won't be last in the NFC East. Oh well...
  • I'm glad we won, but losing Mayo is awful. He was a true leader for our defense, and hopefully he can heal up fast. I just don't want us to rush him back like a couple years ago, he was never the same. 
  • Aaron Rodgers... wow. 
  • I'm just going to attribute the Chargers only winning by 10 to their usual slow starts. 
  • Reggie Bush: welcome to the bust club. Lex Hilliard, really? 
  • The Sanchize! 
  • We need a nickname for Flacco that I can use sarcastically too, he played horrendously. He's lucky their defense is probably the best in the NFL. 
  • Bucs Colts... yawn. 
Week five has some really tough to call matchups, we'll learn a lot about what some teams are made of. 

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