Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week One Overreactions

I was going to write this yesterday morning, but I'm really glad I didn't. And not just because I don't have a voice after screaming for the Pats last night. TOM. EFFING. BRADY. It's still just week one though, so everything is probably an overreaction.

  • Maybe the Steelers recent Super Bowl hangovers will repeat themselves. For their past two post-superbowl seasons, they've missed the playoffs the year after. They're off to a great start to that. 
  • I had high hopes for Atlanta, but they might be taking a bigger step back than I thought. 
  • I still don't think Chicago's anything though. Lucky start.
  • Cleveland choked. What a surprise. I really feel bad for the city, they don't deserve it. 
  • Peyton Manning should win MVP this year too. The Colts are NOTHING without him. 
  • Hasselbeck went for the win and unfortunately failed. Kenny Britt's living up to my expectations for him though. 
  • The BILLS! Harvard man looked great. 
  • The Chiefs on the other hand, are taking a HUGE step back. No Eric Berry is going to kill their secondary. 
  • Even though they won in dominant fashion, Vick got hit a lot more than I'd be comfortable with if I was an Eagles fan. 
  • I feel bad for the Rams. They get off to a promising start, and then the injuries strike. They need to go back to the original jerseys, screw these metallic-colored ones. 
  • Stafford proved that he's legit, and Megatron is really a transformer. At night he's in the garage, back in Acura form. 
  • Cam Newton was the only thing that shocked me this weekend. I definitely didn't see him playing that well in his first game. 
  • All I have to say about the Vikings is this tweet I saw: "Donovan McNabb is on pace to pass Tom Brady's Week 1 yardage total in Week 15." 
  • Also, the Chargers are off to another slow start. More things we're not surprised about. 
  • Ted Ginn will never live up to his draft position, but he definitely made a lot of Niners fans' day. 
  • Brian Orakpo is also a Transformer. That man is built. I also called it on the Skins. 
  • Romo... *stifles laughter*
  • I'm not going in depth into the Pats, all I'll say is I was furious when I saw Dan Koppen go out. And then Brady made my night. 
  • I didn't watch most of the Raiders Broncos game. Sue me, I had no voice. 

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