Friday, October 7, 2011

He's Phony, She's Fake

That's the type of team that I hate.

But really, this is the week where we find out whether a lot of teams are real contenders or if going to flake out.
  • Philadelphia @ Buffalo (+2.5): This is the toughest game of the week for me. I have no idea if Buffalo's real or if Philly has too many weaknesses to contend. We'll learn a lot this week, but since I have no idea I'm taking the points, especially since they're for the home team. 
  • Indianapolis vs. Kansas City (+2.5): Indy has to win some week, right? They're at home and Curtis Painter actually looked half-decent last week. Meanwhile KC's coming off a victory, and I don't think they have what it takes to come back and win on the road after that. Indy looses the goose-egg. 
  • Minnesota vs. Arizona (+2.5): Same story, Minny has to win some week, right? I don't trust Arizona, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if they won, but I'm taking Minny. 
  • New York Giants vs. Seattle (+10): If this game was in Seattle, I'd take them. Ten points on the road though? Not enough. The Giants are making a push, which I really didn't expect this season. Too bad...
  • Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee (+2.5): Yet another tough one. I don't believe in Tennessee yet, but Pittsburgh's really banged up and their defense didn't look right even when it was healthy. When you're signing offensive linemen mid-season, you know you're in trouble. I'll take the points. 
  • New Orleans @ Carolina (+6.5): I'm really tempted to take Carolina. They love them some back-door covers and the Saints didn't blow out the Jags like I thought they would. Less than a TD isn't enough though. Saints. 
  • Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati (+2.5): I'm not sure whether Cinci will have some hangover after their win vs. the Bills, but I like them better than Jacksonville. POINTS!
  • Houston vs. Oakland (+6): Another tough game. Oakland's looked good and they know who they are, but are they good enough to take down the Texans? (it felt weird to type that...) I'd rather put my money on Houston. 
  • San Francisco vs. Tampa Bay (+3): Guess what. I don't know again! It's in San Fran though, and I think Candlestick's one of the few remaining real home field advantages. Plus the Bucs couldn't blow out the Colts, which they should have if they were real. No Eagles hangover, Niners. 
  • San Diego @ Denver (+4): It's not September anymore, meaning the Chargers should be getting out of their early season funk. Them. 
  • New England vs. New York Jets (+9): Regardless of how horrendous the Jets looked last week, this game will be close. Our defense isn't close to the Ravens defense when healthy, and it's banged up. Plus the Jets will be out for blood after being embarrassed. No matter how much bulletin board material they want to give us, it's throwback week, and Pat Patriot is cursed. Even though I still think we win, take the points. 
  • Green Bay @ Atlanta (+6): Atlanta's looked weak. It's like the Steelers defense, they have the talent but they're just not passing the eye-test. Roddy and Julio have been solid fantasy players though, especially Julio in PPR. I'm taking the monstrous, NFL decimating, superior to the rest of us, Packers. (Hopefully they pull an us last year and collapse in the playoffs)
  • Detroit vs. Chicago (+5.5): I read this stat this morning. Jay Cutler had nine completions last game. Nine. I don't care who's running the ball for them, they need more than that to win against a real team. Also, really?!!? Martz running the ball? Wow... They'll give us a heart attack winning, but I'll take the Lions. 

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