Thursday, August 11, 2011

Preseason Game 1 Thoughts

Time to overreact to a single meaningless game where we played 0 offensive starters and 4 defensive starers. WHOO! 

  • We probably have the best backup situation in the NFL. Hoyer looked more than capable of handling the offense and Mallet's got a serious arm. Hopefully though, we never see them play outside of the last five minutes of a game.
  • Dane Fletcher looked like a leader. Even though we have two ILB's that already look great in Spikes and Mayo, I'm sure he'll find a way to stick around. 
  • Stevan Ridley made me eat my words. I hated the pick when we made it since we already took Vereen and have Law Firm and Woody, but he ran hard and didn't give up on plays. I still have no idea how the carries are gonna get split though. 
  • The touchdown review rule is annoying. I hate that it adds time to the game, but it's especially annoying since it makes sense. I've never trusted ref's with always making the right call and I'd hate to see Belichick have to blow a challenge on an iffy TD, but they need to figure out how to streamline it. 
  • Kickoffs from the 35 are annoying too. Once again, especially annoying since the rule makes sense. It'll definitely reduce injuries on kick returns, hard to get hurt when there isn't one. I don't think anyone's returning a kick against the Raiders this year. 
  • Brandon Tate might not make the team. Taylor Price looked like he was a steal last year, great hands and ability after the catch. Edelman's been more reliable than Tate too as a receiver, so if kickoff's are (essentially) eliminated, it could be hard to justify burning a roster spot on him. Hopefully he gets healthy in time to prove his worth. 
Tweet of the Game goes to Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders, with this:
"Usually when you hear 'Brown grad goes both ways,' it's a woman. @MikeReiss Buddy Farnham, a WR turned S, with the Interception."

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