Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jumping In

So I did yesterday's post without looking at schedules... it's gonna be the Jets and not the Ravens. Oh well, the Ravens took a step back so I'll stand by it.

If five teams are out, five teams have to be in. This was actually kinda hard because there's always one surprise team. There's also always one team that goes last to first in their division, but that's somewhat easy this year.

  • Arizona: This is the easy one. Arizona's awful QB situation last year lead to a last place finish, and them trading for Kolb this year. They added the best player in the NFL draft and still have Fitz. I like the Rams more for the long term, but they're probably a year away. The Cowboys have the talent too, but the Eagles added too much talent for me to think they could overtake them. 
  • Dallas: The second wild card team in the NFC. Romo's back and they cut some dead weight (Roy Williams). I don't really have any other reasons, I just like them more than the Bucs, Bears & Seahawks.
  • Houston: I hate doing this. HATE IT. Every single year, everyone hypes up Houston and says it's finally their year, and every single year they're wrong. I love the Jonathan Joseph move and Wade Phillips' hiring, and that in combination with my worries about the Colts means I unfortunately think it's their year. Ugh.
  • San Diego: First in offense, first in defense. If it wasn't for their choking tendencies and horrendous special teams play last year, they would've been in the playoffs for sure. They added a solid linebacker in Takeo Spikes and they'll have a full year with Vincent Jackson. If they don't win the AFC West, I'd be shocked. 
All four of those teams make sense in one way or another. There's logic behind the choices. Every year though, there's that one team that no one expects to make it that does. Meaning analysis, deep (ha!) thought, and me giving my reasons is kinda pointless. So:
  • Tennessee: This means I think the Colts are finishing 3rd in their division. True insanity. They've got a new coach, a new old QB, and their star is holding out. Basically they have zero expectations. 
Am I gonna be wrong on that one? Probably, but what the hell, stranger things have happened. Also, it's really easy to root for Matt Hasselbeck. So go Titans, make me look "smart". 

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sooooo easy to root for matt